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Today Connor and I are giving up our website to a VERY special friend of ours, Kieryn. No I don’t mean special in a bad way either. You see, just like Connor, Kieryn is a young author. Her first book, Rain was published when she was only fifteen years old. Her second novel, Flawless Ruins just came out, too. So Connor and I asked her to stop by and play a game. A game of “Answer our questions or we shall destroy everything you love and cherish!”

Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to answer all of these questions truthfully. To maintain an illusion of decorum, we shall start with a few questions about being a writer and your books. I hope you enjoy answering them. But make no mistake…
One wrong answer shall cost you the lives of millions of innocent bystanders! Bwahahahaha!

1. Why did you, a mere high school mortal, want to become a writer?

I’ve loved writing since before I knew what writing was. Meaning, I think, I’ve always loved stories. Therefore I read way too much as a kid (still do) and I’m rarely one to sit back and let others have all the fun, so in fifth grade I decided I wanted to be an author, too. I’ve been working on at least six novels (at a time) since.
2. Your first novel Rain was inspiring. Your second novel, Flawless Ruins, intrigues me to no end. How did you come up with the story?

I remember complaining to a friend about how at least half of the books I got from the library over winter break had the same exact love story with pretty much the same exact love interest. I said, “It’s repetitive, and, really, the guys are so perfect they’re boring. You know what would have to happen for everyone to get a guy just like that?” Leading me to think, hey, what would have to happen…? Within a few days my idea factory had churned out Likes.
3. What’s next for you? Short stories? Another novel? Perhaps you have designs on world domination?

Obviously I couldn’t tell you about the latter. It’s classified. But as for writing, definitely more novels. There are some neat stories in the works…
4. Where is your favorite place to write?

In my room, way later than I should be up, at my desk in the corner. (I love writing superlate at night because I slip into writingzone and can’t remember half of what I write by the next morning so I get to read it with fresh eyes.)
5.If you had to chose between never being able to write again, or forced to listen to Justin Bieber music on a constant loop, which would you decide on and why?

The latter. It’d provide some fodder for the next time I want to write about deep, soul-searing torment.

Okay, there’s the easy questions. Let us move on to the next round shall we? Be warned. Answer honestly, I hold the life of your kitten, Mr. Fluffenutter in the palm of my hand.
6. If you were an M&M, what color would you be? Don’t you say green either. We all know green is a girl M&M, so we want a WHY with your answer!

Red. It’s my default M&M color, and if I happened to be a candy I should hope I’d have room to be bold and stand-out-y. (That’s totally a word.)
7. Who do you think would win in a fair fight, Sarah Palin or Jack Black? Why?

Jack Black. He knows animated Kung Fu.
8. If a pillaging band of OgreBears invaded north america, what would you say to them to stop them from stealing your last pop tart?

“I already bit that…and I have swine flu!”
9. If you were a condiment, what would you be and why?

Mustard. I come in many varieties.
10. If you could change your name to anything in the world, what would it be?

Rachel. Most people know how to pronounce that one.

Very good. That round goes to you. BUT! Are you ready for the LIGHTNING ROUND!!!
answer these questions, all twenty of them, with only one word answers. One wrong answer and you shall be forced to mine magic nose goblins from the underside of the desks in Mrs. Johansen’s third grade class. For ALL ETERNITY!!! P.S. The lightning round answers must be only ONE WORD! If you make a mistake, you shall be forced to spoonfeed your sister her dessert for an entire year! (BTW she paid me twenty bucks to throw that last part in there)

1. Favorite animal

2. Least favorite subject in school

3. First name of the boy you find most annoying in your school

4. Pepsi or Coke?

5. Mayo or Miracle Whip? (Just want to know if you are mentally stable)

6. Do you like raisins?

7. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a turnip?

8. Have you ever eaten a turnip? (You better say yes otherwise its nose goblins for lying on question 7)

9. Have you ever launched a gerbil out of your mother’s vacuum cleaner by switching it from suck to blow? (BTW, they go kathunk)

10. Grossest thing you’ve ever eaten?

11. Have you ever licked your shoe? (top or bottom, I’m not picky)

12. Have you ever worn flip flops on your hands?

13. Favorite discontinued McDonalds Menu Item?

14. Have you ever shaved a pet?

15. Have you ever tried to balance a ball on the end of your nose?

16. Do you think Harry Potter should really just give up on eye wear and go for LASIK?

17. Do you think this dress makes me look fat?

18. Do you think Robert Pattinson’s eyebrows were surgically implanted.

19. Have you ever stolen somebody’s lunch?



Hope you had fun reading her interview! Check out her books. To say she is an amazing author would be like calling Justin Bieber annoying.

Bio: The three activities that Kieryn would like to take up most of her time are writing, Taekwondo, and being with her friends. The three things that actually take up most of her time are school, homework, and the REM cycle. She enjoys swing dance, reading, traveling, writing, sorting through college brochures, and running (Team in Training).


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